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Ways to Accommodate Dietary Restrictions into Your Wedding Menu

Your wedding will be a wonderful celebration! Many guests will attend, in hopes of being thoroughly entertained as they celebrate the commitment that you have made to your partner. And, what better way to entertain them than by presenting them with a delicious meal?

However, while everyone loves food, some guests may have dietary restrictions. This should certainly be considered as you create your wedding menu.

Every guest deserves to enjoy your wedding cuisine! That’s why, here at Signature Occasions, we have gathered some ways to accommodate dietary restrictions at your own wedding. Would you like to learn what these ways are? If so, read on to gain some helpful insight:

  • Options. There are many ways that you can present your wedding meal, from elegantly plated to buffets. No matter what way you choose to showcase your food, you will want to ensure to provide your guests with options. From gluten-free to vegetarian, it is important that you create a menu option for each dietary restriction.

  • Separation. Keeping your food separate is incredibly important! For example, if one of your guests is allergic to seafood, you certainly wouldn’t want to place it next to any of your other menu items, as foods can be easily cross-contaminated. So, ensure that you the foods that you are presenting to complement your dietary restrictions are placed safely in their own location.

  • Don’t Forget Dessert! The most common dessert restriction is the request for gluten-free! If this is the case, don’t think that you must change the recipe for your entire wedding cake. Instead, present a little cake, or even cupcakes, on the side that complements the specific dietary restriction. This way, each of your guests can enjoy a slice of your big day sweet treat!

Your wedding guests should certainly enjoy your meal! These are just a few tips to assist you with complementing dietary restrictions as your own wedding.

If you are ready to create you own big day with a wedding planner in Ridgeland, Mississippi, please contact us here at Signature Occasions. As a Newry wedding planner, we are all set to begin creating your happily ever after.

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