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Top Things Your Wedding Guests Want

You have planned your wedding day to meet your needs and showcase your style. This is wonderful! As you certainly deserve your dream wedding. However, you should keep your guests in mind as well. There are many things that you can plan that will ensure your guests enjoy your wedding day as much as you do.

Are you aware of some of things that your guests will want to see at your wedding?

Here at Signature Occasions, we believe that your guests should be able to remember your wedding fondly! That’s why we have gathered the top things that your guests will to experience at your own wedding. To gain some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • Sweeten their Experience. Your wedding day will be an experience, from the moment your guests arrive. Offering a dessert or candy bar will allow you to sweeten their experience. Display a table full of treats such as cookies, cake pops, cupcakes, macaroons; the opportunities are truly endless!

  • Good Hospitality. You can start showing good hospitality before your guests even arrive. Planning transportation, especially for out of town guests, would be ideal. Keep in mind that other elements should be offered as well, such as a climate-controlled space for your guests and even welcome baskets for those guests who are traveling.

  • Drinks for Everyone! Of course, anyone drinking at your wedding should be 21 years of age, or older. But, you can ensure those that do meet the age requirements get their fill of drinks! An open bar will provide alcohol for your guests and allow your celebration to thrive.

  • Speaking of Celebration. Would it really be a celebration without wedding entertainment? Of course not! That’s why choosing the best entertainment for your wedding is crucial. Top quality entertainers are a must, from a DJ to a live band. In addition, you can consider unique entertainment, such as a caricature artist or even a magician.

  • Fastest Way to The Heart. Food is the fastest way to the hearts of your guests. Be sure that you offer delicious cuisine, and that it is prepared properly. In addition, know that your guests will spend the evening dancing and being quite active. Therefore, providing late-night snakes, such as sliders or a taco bar will let them refuel.

Every guests should enjoy your big day! These amenities are guaranteed to win over your own wedding guests! Here at Signature Occasions, as a Ridgeland, Mississippi wedding planner, we are happy to help you plan your wedding. Contact us today to book your wedding planner in Ridgeland.

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