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Most popular items missed from the wedding budget...

As planners we obviously love to help brides have their dream weddings, but we also want it to be within their budget too. So many brides think about the major items and forget about the "hidden fees" and $100 here and there adds up along the way. We always say "That $200 trip to the local craft store was 4 guest table arrangements. Where they delivered the flowers and picked them up...was it really worth it?" So when you think of things in terms of table arrangements, it helps keep it in perspective.

Below are some top items people forget to put in their budgets that can add thousands of dollars! Call a planner and let us help you have a beautiful wedding...and stay in budget :)

1. Taxes and Tips

Most people look at their catering menu and think $30 a person- that's within budget but it is actually "plus/plus" which means plus 9% tax and plus 20% service charge usually- making it almost an additional 30% in taxes and tips. So that $30 meal per person is now $38.70 a person! For a 200 person wedding- that is almost an additional $1740!! Big difference right? So know that detail when deciding on the catering package.

2. Beauty Treatments

So many brides forget this part because not only do you want to get a mani/pedi before the wedding, you also want hair and makeup on the wedding day and that is usually never calcualated in the budget.

photo cred: Lindsay Vallas

3. Gifts

Wedding party gifts, hostess gifts, a gift for your soon to be spouse, welcome bags for the hotels, a gift for the almost in-laws, thank yous to special adds up quickly and is a category people always forget to budget in! Depending on how large your wedding party is- this category can easily add $1000!

photo cred: Lindsay Vallas

4. Postage

Don't just look at your budget and then the cost of the invitation. You have address printing or calligraphy/extra envelopes/and postage to consider in that cost. Also, when you are picking the invitation and it is square, extra thick (meaning heavier), or anything other than standard- it will be extra postage!

5. Marriage License

The reason you are having the reception anyways right?

6. Paper Products

So many people just consider invitations in their "paper products" category, but there are save the dates, programs, thank you cards, food labels, reserved table signs for family, coordinating items for the rehearsal dinner, the list can go on and on! Those little details will make your wedding custom but it needs to be factored into the cost so it isn't elminated :)

photo cred: Robby Followell

6. Vendor Meals

Most people forget to count in vendor meals when doing their guest totals, but the band/photographer/videographer/etc will all require a vendor meal so consider that in the catering total. They can get a less expensive meal or just eat off the buffet, but either way...they need a meal.

7. Dresss Extras

So many brides look at the tag on the dress and think that as long as the dress is within the budget..they are fine, but there are so many bridal "extras" to factor in. The alterations, veil, jewelry, undergarments, shoes, etc. Those items can easily add an additional $700.

photo cred: Sully Clemmer

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