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A Day in the Life of a Planner...

Lindsay Vallas Photography

Most people ask "what does a planner do?" It is so hard to describe the list, so we took the time on a wedding day to write down all that is done so you can see A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Planner :)

Here is our 14 hour day-

9am- load the car with essentials (emergency kit, program basket, easel, guest book, and other items dropped off from the bride)

10am- arrive at the reception venue and unload car

put on linens/specialty toppers

unwrap items (personalized sunglasses for favors/sparklers/etc.)

set out framed signs, favors, glow sticks, etc.

review the flowers and make sure everything is right

12pm- get cake table ready (put out cake stand/flutes/knives/take off stickers/etc.)

12:30pm- meet cake person

put flowers on the cake

meet photographer and review timeline

call band and make sure they don't need additional directions (put theit timeline on the stage)

1pm- put away all the boxes in certain area to have for packing later

1:30pm- leave for first look

2pm- get bout and bride's bouquet for 1st look

set up first look (get bride and groom water/have pins/extra bout/etc)

make sure photographer and videographer are ready to capture each moment

2:30pm- meet the band and review a timeline with them

3pm- arrive at church to organize wedding party/pin out bouts/put out guest book/pens/programs/etc.

4pm- help gather family for pictures

4:45pm- light any candles at the church

5pm- have church cleared for guests to arrive

clean up the church (have bridesmaids load their bags into the leave bus, check guest book pen, remove bridesmaids bouquet vases, etc.

get ushers ready to seat guests

review notes on ceremony

5:30pm- signal ceremony musicians to begin

5:45pm- gather all wedding party and start lining up

5:50pm- light all the candles at the reception

6pm- wedding starts

cue musicians specific songs during the ceremony

signal to other person at reception that guests will arrive soon

make sure all food is out and ready at reception

6:20pm- get a plate ready for the bride and groom

6:30pm- leave immediately and head to reception

make sure photographer takes extra decor pics before guests arrive

put bridesmaids bouquets at the cake

6:45pm- have bride and groom hide away for a bite to eat (see if they need a certain extra food/drink)

bustle the bride's dress

put veil in special place

help photographer capture extra pics of them as a new couple

make a plate for bride's parents

7:10pm- alert band that the first dances are about to begin (remind them how to pronounce names/songs)

gather the family for first dances

make sure photographer and videographer are on dance floor and ready for the first dance (they have checked lighting/etc.)

7:20pm- first dances (while they are dancing- pour champagne at cake to have ready for pictures)

7:30pm- cut the cakes (help cut cakes if needed)

take champagne flutes immediately to be rinsed and put up so they don't get lost

make sure buffet is full

make sure cake is being put out

8pm- during dance time, clear any extra plates, confirm cake is still on tables and more doesn't need to be cut

8:15pm- get the bride and groom an extra drink that they prefer

8:30pm- call the leave vehicle and make sure they are still on time

9pm- pull together leave items (unwrap any extra sparklers/etc.)

make the bride and groom a to-go bag

9:15pm- meet leave vehicle

load the to-go food, bride's bag, tie flowers to the car

pull out sparklers

tell caterer to pack any extra food for the bride's parents

9:40pm- signal the band to announce one last song

gather photographer and videographer for leave

9:45pm- signal for band to announce how to leave

tell bride's parents to go the end of the line to be last people to say bye to the bride

help pass out sparklers

give lighters to specific guests in the line

give instructions to the bride and groom

9:55pm- help everyone light the sparklers

wave to the send off

10pm- pack up items

take extra flowers and put in a bucket for the bride's family

have special items in a certain area (bouquet/veil/toasting flutes/etc.)

start loading special items and gifts in the car

give instructions on where every item is

11:15pm- say goodbyes to family

11:30pm- drive away tired ;)

That is just the wedding day for a bride that selected our "Month of" package. We also do the rehearsal, return calls/emails/and have additional meetings. A lot of time and effort goes into making sure her wedding day is exactly as she envisioned but when we drive away with tired toes and get a text saying that the bride is is all worth it.

Above and below are some pics of some happy brides!

Sully Clemmer Photography (above)

Scott Burton Photgraphy (above)

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