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Tips for Creating a Name for Your Signature Wedding Drink

Your wedding will be a celebratory occasion! Therefore, drinks will most likely be served. Delicious drinks fill the world, so you certainly won’t be at a loss of options when choosing the alcohol to present at yours.

However, while there are many drinks that you can choose to showcase at your wedding, know that you have the opportunity to create a signature drink, exclusive to your big day.

We believe that signature drinks are a great way to give your adult guests a special treat! That’s why, here at Signature Occasions, we want to share some helpful tips for creating a name for your own signature wedding drink. Would you like to discover some great inspiration? If so, be sure to continue reading:

  • Witty but Understandable. Being witty is a wonderful quality! But, when you are trying to appeal to everyone, it’s best not to be too funny. Think of a name that most people will get, but still brings a laugh, such as a “Mai Tai the Knot” or a “Mint to Be Mojito”.

  • A Personal Meaning. Your entire wedding day is personal, and your drink should be too! Think is something that holds great meaning to your, such as your pet names for each other. The drink you design can be named after the pet name that your partner gave you, and vice versa, such as a “Baby Bahama Mama”.

  • Your Theme. What is your wedding theme? Think about all the details that are associated with your theme and let them inspire a unique name for your cocktail. For example, if you are showcasing pinks throughout your colors, consider creating a pink cocktail, such as a “Blushing Bride”. Or, for blues, it could be your “Something Blue”.

  • In addition, what season are you planning to tie the knot? Whether you choose the warm rays of sun, or the sparkle of the ice and snow, the season will play a big role in planning your wedding specifics. Why not let it inspire your cocktail name?

Now that you have a little help creating the name of your drink, we are happy to assist you in planning your other wedding details. Here at Signature Occasions, as a wedding planner in Ridgeland, Mississippi, we are all set to plan your big day. All you have to do is contact us today to book your Ridgeland wedding planner.

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