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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Color Palette

What makes your wedding day stand apart from the rest? It’s everything! Everything that contributes to your wedding day comes together to create a cohesive look. Every element works together to form your perfect wedding day. That’s why you should consider every detail of your wedding, such as your color palette.

Choosing the perfect wedding color palette is important and can influence many things.

Here at Signature Occasions, we believe that your wedding should be perfect, right down to the color palette! That’s why we have put together some helpful tips for choosing your own wedding color palette. Continue reading to discover how to design the perfect hues for your wedding celebration:

  • Setting the Mood. What mood do you imagine when you think about your wedding day? Whether you see happy or romantic, you can use colors to create this emotion for your guests. Let moods and emotions inspire your color choice so that your wedding can have just the right ambiance.

  • Fit For The Season. The season you chose to host your big day was likely chosen for a reason. This presents the perfect opportunity for you to bring this seasonal mood to your nuptials. Each season has its own set of well recognized colors. You can use these to design a color palette that complements your wedding season. Choose bright and vibrant hues for spring or summer nuptials and deep and rich hues for fall and winter weddings.

  • Wedding Setting. Your wedding setting is a great source for inspiring your color palette. The inspiration doesn’t stop at your venue boundaries, though. Whatever views you have from your venue or even the attractions nearby, such as sandy beaches or lush forest life, can inspire great color designs.

Every wedding should showcase a beautiful appearance. These tips are sure to assist you in bringing together the perfect hues for your special day. Here at Signature Occasions, as a Ridgeland, Mississippi wedding planner, we are happy to help you create your dream wedding day. Contact us today to begin planning with your wedding planner in Ridgeland.

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