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Grand Exit: DO's and DON'TS

Grand Wedding Exit: Do’s and Don’ts

There are so many amazing Exits to fit your specific style now! Not only do you have to pick your perfect exit, BUT before you click “purchase”, there are things you need to consider first. There are TONS of kinds of exits, so narrowing down the kind of exit is important. Keep in mind there may be parameters with your venue to consider first though.

Kinds of Exits:

Photo Credit: April and Paul

  1. Ribbon wands-- They are perfect for an afternoon wedding, or a bright colored summer wedding (they can add a lot of color)

  2. Bubbles—these are inexpensive and a classic staple

  3. Rose petals—Very traditional leave item

  4. Lavender—smells amazing and any leftovers can make all kinds of DIY things ...if you are crafty

  5. Confetti poppers—Great way to truly say “yay! Congrats!” and who doesn’t love confetti?!?!

  6. Glow sticks—great for a fun late night leave

  7. Sparklers—most popular because it is great for pictures

Photo Credit: Karla Pound

  1. Pom poms—in the South, we love our sports so it’s the perfect place to say goodbye to your reception—running through a tunnel, lined with your guests cheering you on!

  2. Unique Items—We done mini confetti guns for police officers leaving a reception for example…just something specific to the couple

  3. Sky Lanterns - Be careful because Mississippi is full of trees and windy and that is not a great combo for sky lanterns! We have had plenty that have ended up in a tree :( They look great on pinterest (like so many things) but there is nothing worse than standing around with all your friends and family with your lanterns floating into trees...not a great ending to a beautiful evening honestly.

Before you buy, you need to check some things so you don't make a classic mistake…

  1. Check with the venue--- so many venues have restrictions (some don’t allow confetti or sparklers for example)

  2. Check with your leave vehicle – some vintage vehicles don’t allow sparklers close to their car, so if you want the pic of everyone lined right next to your vehicle--- sparklers may be out :(

  3. Think of how many to buy—if you have 250 guests at the beginning of the evening, you can assume about half by the end of the night. This is not an area to waste money :)

  4. Sparklers--- there is a perfect size (one is too small, one is too large, and one is “just right”)--- the perfect size is 20 inches for sparklers--- the largest ones burn WAY too long and guests end up putting them out in the grass around and it is a disaster!

Photo Credit: Brian Flint

Have fun with your exit and by checking with these tips you'll be sure that you don't over spend which is always a plus!

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