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Choose a Wedding Dress that Reflects your Style

Every detail of your big day is planned around your personal style. From your flowers to your catering, each aspect is meant to reflect who you and your partner are. Your wedding day celebrates two people becoming one, and the strong relationship you have built together. Simply put, the day is about you and your partner, so why not plan everything to reflect your own, unique style?

This goes for your wedding dress as well! This will be the day where you make your grand entrance in the gown of your dreams. So, why not flaunt your personal flair as you make your way to the altar?

Here at Signature Occasions, we believe in planning every detail with care, including something as important as your wedding dress. That’s why we have gathered a few tips to assist you in choosing a wedding dress that reflects your personal style. If you are on the hunt for your dream dress, be sure to keep reading to learn more:

  • Envision yourself as a bride. Take a second, before you jump online to search for the hottest bridal gowns available, or grab your girlfriends for a trip to the bridal boutique, and just imagine yourself as a bride. Imagine every little detail. Now, what do you see? Start with your hair and beauty. Do you see a tight and clean updo? Or ethereal ringlets? Natural and simple makeup? Or bold and daring colors? Then continue imagining your entire ensemble. What are the five or six best adjectives to describe what you see? Write them down, and proceed from there.

  • Consider the setting of your big day. What will the formality of your wedding day be? The time and place of your wedding should correlate with your wedding attire. If you are having a summer mountain wedding, you can add to the effect with a flowing and rustic dress. If you are having a formal wedding that takes place in a grand ballroom, don’t let your venue upstage you, as only a magnificent dress will do! Take a second to consider the setting you are trying to create for your big day and allow your dress to complement it.

  • It’s all in the details. With everything being said, no matter the situation, there are still ways to bring your personal style to your big day. It all comes down to the details. There is so much more to your wedding ensemble than just your dress. From the details, such as your lace or beadwork, to your wedding shoes, there are many ways you can add a personal touch to your wedding attire. If you have a love for the athletic life, perhaps running shoes or your favorite sports. These little details will allow your personal style to shine through.

Your wedding dress is the ultimate way for you to express yourself on your wedding day that no one else can dictate. Here at Signature Occasions, we want to help you plan your big day with ease. If you are interested in starting your own Mississippi wedding planning, feel free to contact us today.

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