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Things Guests Complain About...

How do you have the best wedding? It's actually easy...think like a guest! Here are some top guest complaints. Keep these in mind when picking venues, guest lists, menu, etc.

1. Too Many Guests! So many brides want to say they had 500 people at their wedding but to do that you better have a venue that can hold it and a budget that can support it. If you truly have 500 guests, you are spending almost all you budget just on food and beverage. It's always better to know your budget before the guest list to make sure you can actually have something on the tables ;)

2. Watch the date! So many brides want to pick a date because it means something and that's great...but be sure to be mindful of your guests (especially SEC football season if you live in the South, if you want people to attend).

3. Bad weather! We've actually had brides say "It isn't hot in August." Or..."I would love for it to snow on my guests." Be mindful that your guests don't want to get a sunburn or freeze to death and in the South...both of those are options.

4. Uncomfrotable DJ's! Everyone hates the DJ that thinks he is the star of the show...can someone remind the DJ that he is there to play music??? Be sure to check recommendations before allowing a DJ to talk throughout your reception--- it can ruin an evening for sure.

5. Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures! For the brides that don't want to take pictures until after...know your guests won't see you for at least an hour. The photographers that tell you that they can take pictures in twenty mintues are lying ;) Just think--- Say the ceremony is at 6pm and it is a 30 minute ceremony, then the actual ceremony site isn't cleared out of guests until at least 6:45 and the wedding party isn't back in until 6:55 (and that is running speed)--- then 30 minutes of pictures (and you didn't even get a single picutre outside of standing at the ceremony steps)...then bustle the dress, take out the veil, cue the band (even if it's at the same venue) that is going into the first dance at 7:40 (and you only had 30 minutes of pictures at the ceremony steps--- not a single cute picture of you as a new couple at the garden/front of the house/outside the church/and that didn't even include travel time!!) That is why almost every bride does a "first look" ;)

6. The long drive from ceremony to reception! So many guests can get lost or even just end up going to just ceremony or just reception to avoid driving all together. Unless it is your "must have" for the wedding...avoid this at all costs ;)

7. Super Long Wedding! Be careful on this one because the wedding is so important but you also want to keep your guests engaged. Allow them to hear the vows and experience it with you. There is nothing worse than sitting in a pew for 45 minutes and not hearing a thing the whole time.

8. Empty Registry! This isn't quite Wedding Day...but it's worth mentioning. Guests get super annoyed when they go to buy a gift and the only thing left are $6 toaster tongs and $400 duvet cover. Keep refilling, so you don't end up with awful gifts or annoyed guests.

9. Lack of Parking! Your guests are dressed, in heels, and some are carrying gifts...have parking please! Don't make them park themselves a mile away on gravel roads.

10. Invitation Confusion! Guests want to know if their kids are invited, can they invite a specific in the wording so all the questions are answered. The invitation should even describe the kind of wedding, style of is the first impression of the wedding day.

Hope this helps you think like a guest! You want each guest to walk away with full bellies, happy smiles, and loving every it helps to see the wedding from their viewpoint. Happy Wedding!


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