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Letting go...sometimes not too easy!

In the South, we are taught to throw parties, be an excellent hostess and the etiquette of almost every situation. So when it comes to planning a wedding, so many brides think "I've got this!" The planning part is fun- picking out the linens, tasting the cake, meeting to discuss layouts, or deciding the perfect invitaion. Each step is thrilling, but then the time comes where it is actually the wedding week and you and most likely your mother are the only people who know those specific details that you have so meticulously planned. So how can you balance being a stunningly calm bride and yet also be your own planner? The harsh reality is: you can't really be both.

I even had to learn that harsh reality myself. As a planner, I obviously thought I could be my own...until I realized I wanted to be getting my makeup done instead of answer questions and solve problems all day. I wanted someone else to answer my phone when the band needed directions, the cake was arriving early, the photographer was running behind, or the linens needed to be switched for stains. So I had someone help so that I could relax on my wedding day and enjoy each fleeting moment as the bride because I knew the day would seem so quick.

Letting go isn't easy though. You have planned and built this super organized wedding binder and to hand that over to someone else can be overwhelming. Letting go and enjoying the day will be so worth it, if you can trust someone to execute your vision. I have had people try and use friends but this is your wedding and handing it over to a friend "who is good with parties" is a dangerous situation. This is your wedding- a once in a lifetime day and it deserves a professional who has professional contacts in an emergency, knows how to fix problems in a pinch, has a toolbox at the many reasons.

It was so freeing to hand over the binder and just be the bride and so many other clients get that same feeling. They get to hand over the contracts/diagrams/flower pictures and sit with their friends and get manicures the week of the wedding truly relaxed. We have brides say "Should I be worried about something because I feel so calm." It's true though, when you can get the courage to hand over the wedding for someone else to run the errands/make calls/etc. you feel calm.

So how do you get the courage to do that? First, you have to find a professional planner you really enjoy. Next is to decide when to hire them? Wedding planners offer a variety of services to fit each brides specific needs. Signature Occasions for example, offers a day of/month of/do it yourself with help/and even a full service package. No matter which package, booking early is key to make sure they have your date. Next is to decide the package- will you plan it all and let someone execute? Will you want some help along the way? Or do you want someone to be there at each step? Once that is decided, the last step is to trust. This is usually the hardest part but once you can, you can hear professional tricks to save money, have the best design flow, best selections for food...there are so many benefits.

Hiring a planner can make people nervous but once you do, it will all be worth it.

Happy Hiring!

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