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Top Questions to Ask Your Photographer

So many brides book a photographer based on a friend’s recommendation and that is a step, but besides the proposal it is going to be the next big decision in wedding planning. It will be what will hang on the wall forever, the photographer will be with you all day long, and the last thing you want is to regret hating those pictures…so here is a list of some questions to ask when deciding on a photographer to make sure you make the right choice for you.

1. Is your date available? If the photographer isn’t available, then nothing else really matters…no need to go any further anyways Also, don’t get sad if that one isn’t available- that means it wasn’t meant to be. Take a “plenty of other fish in the sea” mentality. We have several brides who feel so disappointed when one is booked and then they almost make it where others can’t compare- don’t do that to yourself—allow yourself to move along and find the right one for you

2. Ask to see a wedding all the way through. So many brides love to look at a photographer’s website but those tend to be the best of the best pictures. What you really need to review is a full wedding from start to finish- what you would be getting yourself. That can be a huge difference!

3. Price categories? Most brides look at the cheapest but you are most likely going to need him/her all day (from the time you are putting on the dress until you are leaving in the car so don’t try and cut there).

4. Is there a charge for a second shooter? You will need someone separate to go to the reception to get those great decor pics (those ones you see and love on pinterest) before all the guests arrive and destroy the buffet, but that requires a second shooter that is willing to leave the ceremony and go to the reception. Ask if there is an additional charge and if that is something they can do.

5. Ask about prints versus cd. You have already asked about how much the actual photography fee is, but if there are print fees to get the pictures, you need to be aware of that cost to factor in or how much a cd would be to print yourself.

6. Have you ever worked with _____ (and list the vendors you are considering)? A photographer that has a great working relationship with vendors is a great indicator that they have been in business a good amount of time and come recommended. Ask to see weddings with those specific vendors (for example a wedding they did at the venue you are considering so you can see the places they chose as a first look location for example).

There is no need to go around price shopping every photographer in town but start by looking online at photographers recommended by friends and vendors and then pick a top couple to review. Call for their availability and then move forward with your top two choices to compare them meeting face to face. You will be able to compare information with the above questions and make a great decision for yourself.

Remember, the photographer is who will be with you for your whole wedding day capturing every moment, you have to get along with them personally, you have to have comparable photography styles, and they have to be in your budget– that’s why it is such a big decision Happy Wedding!

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