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Misconceptions about Wedding Planners

There are so many misconceptions about wedding let's take a minute and go through just some of them :)

- My venue has an on-site coordinator and that's enough

An on-site coordinator is a representative for the site. Most of the time, their income is tied to sales...meaning they want to sell more food, more alcohol, more everything really. A wedding planners job is strictly to be an advocate for the bride and look out for only her best interest. An on-site coordinators main job is really to make sure the lights are working, the bathrooms don't overflow. It isn't to cue the band/to bustle the dress/to rinse your toasting flutes and put them back into the box/to answer the phone calls when the band is lost...and so on and so on ;)

- My florist can be my planner

They are there to do flowers, set out flowers and pick up vases the next day or even Monday. A wedding planner is there from the day you hire them. They can help give advice on everything from the invitations matching the programs to reminding you to have an empty car for the gifts at the end of the night. A florist may completely understand your vision with decor, but do they understand the timeline for the photographer, or that the band has required an extra person for load in since it is on a they understand ALL the other vendors and not just the decor?

- A wedding planner will take over

A wedding planners job is to take a bride's vision and bring it to life. They can give advice when the bride asks, but their job is truly to give the bride options and allow her to have the final decisions.

- Wedding planners are for big budgets and big weddings

So many brides believe this, but the reality is that no matter the budget, a wedding is full of big decisions and also decisions that have never been made before. It is nice to have a professional that does this almost every weekend to just offer guidance when needed.

- I will just have a friend help

Friends are great but they don't know the vendors. When a makeup artists cancels, they won't have the contacts to call in another one. They won't be able to handle all the crisis that will happen because they have never done it before. Wedding planning is really constant on the job training and the best planners are the ones with years of experience. They have cultivated those vendor relationships and have seen every situation that could possibly happen at a wedding and know how to handle it.

- I only need someone for a couple hours on the wedding day

Even if you do want someone for just the wedding day will most likely mean that the wedding planner has spent almost 15 hours prepping so she is actually prepared to help you on the actual day.

Here is the breakdown for that:


1 hour consultation to even meet the client

2 hours of emails/calls before the wedding

1 hour meeting to review ceremony details

1 hour to contact vendors on the phone and confirm details

2 hours to do timelines/emails before wedding week

1 hour to hand off wedding items (toasting flutes/napkins/cake knives/etc.)

2 hours wedding rehearsal

WEDDING DAY- 5 hours (even if just stay until cake cutting)

3PM pin on bouts/hand out napkins for bouquets/check on layouts and centerpieces

take pics and text for bride to have/make any adjustments if she wants changes

assist photog with wedding party; check on reception

clean out bride's room

4PM put out programs and ceremony items out/light candles

5PM get ushers and seat guests

6PM direct ceremony

make sure plate is ready for bride and groom (call caterer)

cue band

bustle brides dress/put up veil

7PM get champagne ready for cake cutting

put flutes back into box

start area for cake topper/flutes/veil/etc.

7:30PM leave venue

8PM arrive back home

Hope that helped shine some light on some common misconceptions on the wedding planning industry! :) Happy Planning!

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