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Create A Memorable First Dance

Your first dance as newlyweds is certainly a special moment! Surrounded by loved ones, you and your partner will put on a show for all of your guests as you take the stage. Surely, since all eyes will be on you, you will want to create your first dance to impress your guests.

With many elements that go into creating a first dance, are you aware of how you can make yours more memorable?

We are grateful with the opportunity to develop unique elements for couples planning their big day! That’s why, here at Signature Occasions, we have gathered some tips to assist you in creating a memorable first dance. If you are curious to learn how, be sure to continue reading to discover more:

  • The right song is a must! There are so many songs that fill the world, so certainly It isn’t necessarily easy to choose just one for such a special dance. When browsing song options, consider ones which showcase your relationship through the lyrics, such as a loving tune like At Last by Etta James. In addition, it is important that the rhythm is easy to dance to, so that you and your partner can glide across the dance floor with ease.

  • Add some pizzazz. With all eyes on you, surely you will want to “wow” your guests. You can add some pizzazz to your special moment with the use of lights. Spotlights are a wonderful way to illuminate your special moment and ensure that your guest’s eyes stay focused right on you. Also, fog or bubble machines have to ability to add a beautiful element of whimsy to your dance.

  • Surprise your guests. Most often, first dances are slow and intimate. However, it is not mandatory that you must dance to a slow song. You can surprise your guests with an upbeat song, where you can pull out your best dance moves! To add even more fun to this moment, you can choose to have your wedding party join in halfway through the dance, which will certainly get the party started.

Your first dance is a truly special moment! With these tips, you can create a memorable dance that will leave your guests in awe. If you are ready to begin planning your Ridgeland, Mississippi wedding, please feel free to contact us today. Here at Signature Occasions, as Ridgeland wedding planners, we are ready to create your dream big day.

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