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Plan Your Wedding Music the Right Way!

When planning a wedding, it’s only understandable that you will want the outcome to be nothing less than perfect. You will spend hours to develop each aspect of your special day, creating it to entirely reflect your vision. Your goal will be to develop a celebration that will leave a long-lasting impression with your guests, and with the right entertainment, it can!

Seeing as music is the main form of entertainment within a wedding, surely you don’t want it to be presented in a way that would cause any mishaps throughout your celebration.

Great music creates a celebration! That’s why, here at Signature Occasions, we have gathered some tips to assist you in planning your wedding music the right way. If you are interested in learning more, be sure to continue reading for some insight:

  • When loud, is way too loud. Your love is so tremendous that you will want to shout it from a mountain top! Well, if you are at a loss for a mountain top, your music will have to be the next best thing. Celebrating loudly and in high spirits is such a great way to kick off your marriage. However, it’s important to know when loud is way too loud. Your venue may have restrictions about music volume, which must be taken into place. The comfort of your guests is another detail that must be considered. If your music is too loud, it could put a damper on your dance floor. Your musician will ensure that your music is presented at just the right volume, for a comfortable dancing experience.

  • Choose your music with care. Yes, it is your wedding day, and technically you can play whichever music genre your heart desires. However, you are not the only one attending your big day, and you certainly want to set the right mood for everybody. Heavy metal and rap should be chosen carefully, or saved for the after party, as little ones and grandparents might not be too keen on those genres.

  • Everyone loves variety! With your wedding being a romantic event, you may begin creating an amorous play list of songs that you want to hear during the reception. Keep in mind that this is a time to celebrate your nuptials as well. Upbeat songs, love songs, well-known songs, and more, can all come together to create a healthy variety of music to keep every guest interested. Don’t just stick to one genre!

Your wedding day is going to be a day that you will tell your future generations about. You will be filled with so many happy memories, and the right music will certainly bring it to life. Are you ready to hire your Ridgeland, Mississippi wedding planner? If so, please contact us here at Signature Occasions. We would be honored to create your Ridgeland wedding.

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