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From the Bridesmaids Perspective...

So many times you think of a wedding from the guests perspective or the brides, but here is a look at some fun things you may not have realized from the bridesmaids perspective.

From the eyes of a bridesmaid....

1. It is an honor to be a bridesmaid. No matter how they may act, most bridesmaids will admit that it is an honor to stand in whatever dress is picked and to be chosen as the ones to stand by your side on your wedding day.

2. Know bridesmaids can need guidance. Just because you are asked, doesn't mean they know what to do. They may not know when to bring gifts, what to attend, what to do, so subtle hints are always ok to the bridesmaids newbies. Also brides, don't let your feeling get too hurt over things like that...some bridesmaids truly don't know.

3. Bridesmaids love having a voice that is heard. They like to know that you value their opinion (from the dress to the linen, to helping the bride pick her hair style)...just knowing that the bride is having her girls help her along the way means a lot to them.

4. Bridesmaids are always nervous about the cost. It's not just the cost of the's the bachelorette party, gifts, hotels, showers, outfits, hair/makeup, shoes, and the list continues. Some are even hesitant to say yes because of the keeping the cost down of any of those items can really help the ladies out (maybe your don't play the beach trip or trip to vegas....or maybe you buy their hair and makeup as a gift).

5. It can be tough to be with all the different personalities!! Keep in mind some don't know each other, some know each other really well--- add money, making decisions, and alcohol and now you have some serious tension! You may have a bride who has to pick a dress and some like one and some like another, and she has to pick between them --- OR--- one person is supposed to throw a shower but not really doing her job, so several others have to step up --- OR--- they all agree to split a shower, turn in receipts and one person has spent a lot of money. These are standard examples that lead to tense situations and yet these women have to socialize over and over again at showers after awkward moments.

6. Consensus--- Bridesmaids love unique gifts. Yes tradition says jewelry but what bridesmaid wouldn't love the bride to get her a manicure, massage day, or a special gift just for her since they know each other so well. Keep that in mind. These are your closest friends...have fun with them, celebrate with them...they are equally as excited that you are tying the knot!

From the bride, about bridesmaids...

1. Know a positive attitude goes a long way It may need be how you feel, but put on that smile. Know it is her wedding day and deserves you to be the best version of yourself.

2. Give advice, but also know when to just be supportive Even if the bride decides a cheetah print neon wedding would be an amazing idea...then you nod your head and say --- "it will be memorable, just like you!"

3. Be sweet to the whole wedding party--- give the bride the "family experience" at every event from each shower to the bachelorette and wedding weekend. That can be hard...but do it, because you love the bride!

4. Help the bride relax. If a bridesmaid has a misspelled name in a program, or flowers are wrong in a bouquet...then don't run to the bride---run to the planner or fix it yourself (have the bride be the LAST person you tell...she should think everything is perfection on her day!)

5. Help her have fun...but not too much! Don't be the bridesmaid giving her drink after drink...remember she is hosting her wedding and not a fraternity party.

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Brian Flint

Jeff Chao

Lindsay Vallas

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