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Asking your bridesmaids...

Now that you've picked the perfect group of ladies to surround you on your wedding will you ask them to stand by your side? There are so many fun and thoughtful ways. We are helping by putting a list together and having a bunch all in one place ;)

1. A "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" Box?

This one is fun because it has all the makings for a girls night. A beverage, nail polish, chocolate...count me in! You can make a box specific for each bridesmaid, make them all the same, themed...the options are endless. It is really fun to add touches from the wedding- maybe a favorite local item/a state shaped chocolate. (pic on

2. Confetti Poppers

Nothing says celebration like a confetti popper!! You can do custom labels and celebrate away!! (pic from

3. Wine Bottles!!

Nothing says "cheers" to your wedding like wine...or champagne!! You can do custom labels, pick bottles that are specifc to the bridesmaids favorite tastes and even pick a bottle that brings up a certain memory. (pic from

4. Scratch off card!

Everybody loves to feel lucky...why not something different with a scratch off card?!?! (pic from

5. Balloon!!

You get the fun of a balloon and the surprise of not knowing what it is when you first get the card...double fun!

Each of these are fun and exciting, but the best is a handwritten note explaining how excited you are to have your friends stand up next to you on your big day. How much of an honor it is that you chose them to be there by your side on your special day and that you couldn't imagine it without them...that means the most of all :)


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