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Cost Saving Tips for Brides


Weddings are expensive but there are plenty of ways to save money to really help make the wedding of your dreams the best that it can be. Here are our top 10 tips for wedding savings!

1. The main thing is to know your guest count! So many brides estimate, but you need to really know that number. Ask people if they are attending the wedding at showers, see them at church/grocery store, but be ruthless to find out who is coming because let’s be honest— people don’t RSVP like they should. You never want to overestimate or underestimate…you want to have the exact number, or as close as you can be. Also, when gathering the guest list- know that each guest is expensive. Anything multiplied by 350 is expensive so be cautious before you starting adding every person you’ve ever met.

2. Have both the bride and groom each decide a “must have” item. There were will be so many decisions to make and if you decide what is super important to each of you, then it will help prioritize where to spend money. Remind yourself of that when cutting things though- you can’t have everything be a “must have”. You will have to cut some things.

3. Stay away from the internet and discount stores! I say that in the kindest way because unless you know exactly where to spend, most brides end up buying vases or candles that their florist can already provide. Or they purchase things online that were really unnecessary but felt obligated since it came to their inbox with the word “sale”. $200 at a discount store, $150 online, and then a couple of nice dinners out could get you all of your amazing guest table arrangements. Plus those nice guest table arrangements would be made by a florist/delivered/picked up and you wouldn’t have to lift a finger along the way- think of it that way before you start to wander down that sale aisle.

4. Research Research Research! This is the best way to save ever! So many brides jump to book venues/vendors/dates and sign on the dotted line and then they are filled with regret when they see another place or person that better suits their style or budget. Hold off! Research like crazy to define your style and budget first. Take your time because there are plenty of vendors in the wedding sea and finding the right one if crucial. That is most places and vendors selling tactic is “must sign now” before someone else does…don’t fall for that trick. Take your time and research first.

5. Don’t feel pressured to purchase items just because they are “tradition”. If programs seem wasteful to you, then opt for a sign or chalkboard or if you don’t think you will use cake knives then borrow a friend’s but don’t buy out of obligation.

6. Get a planner- I know you think I have to say that, but it is true. It seems counterintuitive to spend money to save money, but it is true. Planners know vendor deals, discounts, ways to save and will make each dollar stretch like you’ve never seen.

7. Focus your money on where guests will actually be. So many brides focus on decorating the ceremony and that’s great, but guests are usually there for a short time, so make the actual vow location nice but wow the reception where guests will spend the majority of their time.

8. Do not cut on the photographer when you are cutting budget…it will be your biggest regret if you do.

9. Skip the favors on a budget…let’s be honest- what can you buy someone for $2 that they really want anyways?

10. Get a budget and watch as you spend. Most of the money is actually spent at the end, so it can be easy to commit at the beginning by only promising small deposits. The reality is, start to mark down what the whole amount will be and it may make you think twice about certain areas.

Weddings are so much fun but the 3 areas we say not to get too budget conscious -

1. the items people see (decor) 2. photographer 3. a planner

If you have amazing decor, a wonderful photographer and a planner to pull it together…you certainly are on the right path Happy Wedding!

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