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Unique Wedding Traditions from Around the World

So many beautiful wedding traditions fill the world! Therefore, you certainly are not at a loss of options of ones in which you can incorporate into your big day. There is nothing more unique and cultural than a wedding tradition, as it can bring a sense of personalization to such a special ceremony.

Have you chosen a wedding tradition to include within your wedding? If not, we have a few options that may appease you.

We love seeing traditions within weddings! That’s why, here at Signature Occasions, we have gathered some of the top wedding traditions to inspire your big day. If you are interested in learning what these traditions are, be sure to continue reading to discover more:

  • Hora. Within Jewish weddings, guests will dance to the upbeat song of Hava Nagila, which certainly promotes a great deal of fun within the reception. To accompany the dancing, guests will hoist the bride and groom up into the air among chairs, to celebrate them as the “King and Queen” of their big day.

  • Henna. Throughout Middle Eastern nations, along with India and Morocco, brides will take part in a Henna party. During this ritual, the bride’s hands and feet will be adorned with swirling floral patterns that are painted on with Henna, which is a plant-derived dye mixture. Once dried, the Henna will showcase a gorgeous red tattoo appearance, which is said to protect the bride from evil spirits.

  • Red beauty. Red is said to symbolize good fortune, luck, and prosperity throughout countries such as India, Asia, and China. Therefore, brides choose to wear a red silk embroidered dress on their big day. In addition, details throughout the reception décor can also be discovered in red, such as paper lanterns, hibiscus flowers, and linens.

Wedding traditions will certainly add some unique flair to your big day! These are just a few of the many traditions that you could incorporate into your wedding. If you are ready to book a Ridgeland, Mississippi wedding planner, please get in touch with us here at Signature Occasions. We look forward to creating your beautiful Ridgeland wedding.

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