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Things Brides Regret Later...

We have heard for years what brides want and love, and get to help them plan dream weddings...but sometimes they don't always take advice we give. We are just here to offer it, and we always remind them that this is their day, so each decision is up to them. We also remain friends with brides and get to hear the conversations later about "I regret" or "I wish I would have listened about ____". We have made a top 10 list for you to read from not only our experiences, but also from previous brides.

1. Choosing their photographer!! So many brides right after they get engaged run off and book venue and photographer, but be careful because those are huge decisions and they need to be the right ones. You need to make sure a photographer is in budget, offer the package you need, come recommended, get along with you on a personal level, get pictures back in a timely manner, and the list is be sure to make the right decision about a photogapher.

2. Don't overfill the reception buffet---you'd rather have better choices and fewer of them than 50 choices that people don't really eat.

3. If you are taking pictures after the ceremony, do passed hors d'oeuvres!! You're guests need a drink and food or they will be mad before the reception has even begun.

4. Ask your future mother-in-law some things: ask her who she wants walking her down the aisle and which pictures she wants of her family. This can avoid any drama at the rehearsal or later.

5. Breathe and enjoy it! It will be a long day but it goes by so fast, so take moments to breathe and take it all in to be able to truly remember it forever!

6. Don't worry about dieting like you think. Most wedding dresses are actually more forgiving than you think and made to make you look your best, the main thing that girls really complain about in the end is their arms, so just grab the weights and start lifting ;)

7. Comfy shoes! We tell brides all the time to bring comfy shoes, but they say they wear high heals all the time. Then when it comes to the wedding, they still say "I wish I would have listened!" So always bring extra pairs plural. You'd rather have them...and lots to pick from.

8. Several brides say they wished they would have re-done lipstick/freshened makeup more because on social media the next day they didn't love the be sure to be constantly checking (or have a friend in charge of that)

9. Not learning to bustle the dress! We remind brides and they say they know how to do it, but we can waste half an hour having her try to remember which ribbons go know your bustle. We prefer the colored ribbons because the purple goes to the purple for example (instead of the ivory to the ivory...to0 hard to tell shades of white sitting under someones dress in the dark ;)

10. Get the bustle reinforced a million times! Nothing worse than a bride carrying her train through her reception...and it has happened multiple times.

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