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Tips on Proposing...

It's Christmas time, but as wedding planners that has an additional meaning--- proposals!! We wanted to make a fun lists of tips to pass onto that man in your life who is about to get down on one knee.

1. Ask the parents permission-- it may seem outdated based on family dynamics, but it can really help start the new father-in-law bonding on the right track! It is always the best bet to at least have the conversation instead of "surprise...we're engaged!"

2. fit the proposal to the bride-to-be ---if the bride likes big and flashy, then have the proposal fit. If the bride likes things more small and intimate, then do that. Just have the night relfect her as a person.

3. hide a photographer--- she will love to have the pictures that captured her suprise or you down on your knee asking for her hand in marriage, so take the time to give that as a gift.

4. have her nails done--- she will want to show off her new ring and nice nails would be a great compliment to shiny new jewlery. If possible, have her mother/friend take her (if it doesn't tip her off of course)

5. have plans for after the proposal--- have family meet you for dessert or plan dinner after, but just know the proposal will just be the beginning of the evening because she will be WAY too excited to just go home!

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